Oak Alley Plantation Louisiana

Oak Alley Plantation (2)

We stopped at Oak Alley Plantation on our way home from New Orleans. There are quite a few plantations about an hour outside New Orleans that you can visit and tour. We always seem to be tired and ready to get home so haven’t had to time to go inside any of them yet. I love the buildings and grounds, but plan on making more trips back to spend more time exploring the past. Oak Alley is where Interview with a Vampire was filmed and we missed it on our trip in the spring so I had to see it this time. There is a quarter of a mile alley of Virginia Live Oaks that lead to the house. I can just imagine a horse and buggy driving between the oaks and pulling up to the front entrance.

Oak Alley Plantation Sugar Kettle

Oak Alley was built in the 1830’s. It is still a working Sugarcane Plantation today.

Oak Alley Plantation Communication BellThe Plantation Bell was the communication system for the plantation. Each ring had a different meaning. The Oak Alley Bell was cast in 1848 and is still used to signal the guided tours beginning.

Oak Alley Plantation Fire ExtinguisherAbove is a fire extinguisher that was used on plantations. I’m not sure exactly how effective it might have been.

Oak Alley Plantation Restaurant Pecan PieAfter looking at all the sites stop by the Oak Alley Plantation Restaurant and have some lunch. Our Pecan Pie had more pecans that pie in it. The menu tells what page each item can be found on in the Plantation’s Cookbook. Everything we ate was so good that we came home with that cookbook. Now I have to see if I can do it justice.

Oak Alley Plantation Restaurant Mint JulepFinish your visit off with a Mint Julep.

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The Big Buddha Phuket Thailand

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The Big Buddha is on top of a large hill. We could see it clearly from our Villa in Karon. Entry is free, but donations are accepted. The Buddha is still under construction. Donations are what is paying to build it. The view from around the Buddha is beautiful. Women have to cover their shoulders. […]

Phuket Botanic Gardens, Phuket Thailand

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The Phuket Botanic Gardens is a hidden treasure. The entry fee is $500 Baht per person. (about $16 US) It was worth every penny. The gardens are set up by category. It was absolutely beautiful. Words don’t do it justice and neither do the pictures. We could have spent half the day looking at all […]

Phang Nga Bay Thailand

We explored Phang Nga Bay with the Sea Cave Canoe tour. We booked it through our resort. They picked us up in a bus from the resort. Drove us from Karon, Phuket to their pier. It was about an hour drive. The scenery on the way was beautiful. Once we arrived everyone loaded onto the boat. They served us drinks and snacks and we were off. Once we arrived at our destination each set of people were paired with a canoe guide. He paddled us around the whole day. Our guy didn’t speak the best English, but he really didn’t have to say much. The sites we saw said enough. We canoed through 3 different caves. They were not what I was expecting. Once you get through the cave to the interior of the island it is open sky above. Some of the entrances were a tight fit, but we made it. Lunch was served on the boat. It was a variety of foods. Everyone found plenty that they liked to eat. Once we were done with the cave we headed to Lawa Island. We spent about an hour on the island. There were bathrooms and a Tiki Bar that served drinks and snacks for a fee. You really didn’t need anything because there were drinks and snacks on the boat for free. The hubby and I enjoyed Mai Tai’s and relaxed. Next stop was back to the pier then the bus back to the resort. It is an all day excursion. We loved it.

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Custom Photo Books


I have been documenting life through photos for as long as I can remember. This means I have more photo albums than I have room on the shelf for. I recently discovered Custom Photo Books by Snapfish. I started with my vacation books. They save so much room on my bookshelf.


In traditional photo albums you get 200 4×6 photos. That means I have to pick and choose which ones I print. With custom photo books I can continue to add pages until I run out of pictures. I put 480 photos in our Thailand book.


I take a journal with me on vacation and jot down things I don’t want to forget. This helps me with my pictures when I get home. I also scan some of the brochures and use them in the photo books to remember details about tours and places we visited.

I tried 4 different photo book programs before deciding on Snapfish. For me it was the easiest one to work with.

I get the 8×11 custom cover books. Using my own photos for the cover allows me to make my book look professional and I can set the tone for it.

I have started creating photo books for my family pictures. One book per year. I start it in January and end it in December.

I signed up to get emails from Snapfish so they send me coupons regularly. I create my books and leave them in the projects section. When I get a coupon I go in and order a couple of books. This helps keep the cost lower than what it would cost to print the pictures and buy a book to put them in. Once a book is ordered it stays in the projects section. If for any reason you need to reorder the book it is there waiting on you.

If you haven’t made the move yet to custom photo books. I suggest you go create one and see how you like it. There’s no cost until you order the book.