Las Vegas Postcards

I was digging in a box and came across some post cards from my 2002 trip to Las Vegas. I thought I’d share. Some of these hotels are still there and sadly some are gone.

083002 Las Vegas PostcardLas Vegas Strip.

083002 Mirage Hotel (1)I love the FREE entertainment you can find in Vegas.

083002 Riviera Hotel (1)When we booked the Riviera we had no clue how far down the strip it was. We almost walked our legs off.

083002 Venetian Hotel (1)Gondola Rides at the Venetian. When you can’t make it to Venice it’s the next best thing.

083102 (1) New York New YorkWe rode the roller-coaster on the top of New York New York.

083102 (9) ExcaliburKnights in Shining Armor at Excalibur.

083102 (18) Mandalay Bay Lenny Kravitz PinkPink and Lenny Kravitz in concert at Mandalay Bay August 2002.

090102 Las Vegas (1) Bellagio HotelThe Bellagio Gardens are beautiful any time of the year.

090102 Las Vegas (17) Monte CarloI can not tell a Story. We didn’t go in the Monte Carlo. I’m sure it was grand.

090102 Las Vegas (18) Stardust 1958-2006Stardust 1958-2006 The last day of operation was November 1st, 2006. I was in Jamaica getting married on the same day.

090102 Las Vegas (19) Sahara Hotel 1952-2011Sahara 1952-2011

090102 Las Vegas (20) LuxorLuxor. The grand pyramids of Egypt.

This trip holds a lot of meaning for me. I hope you enjoy my walk down memory lane.