Oak Alley Plantation Louisiana

Oak Alley Plantation (2)

We stopped at Oak Alley Plantation on our way home from New Orleans. There are quite a few plantations about an hour outside New Orleans that you can visit and tour. We always seem to be tired and ready to get home so haven’t had to time to go inside any of them yet. I love the buildings and grounds, but plan on making more trips back to spend more time exploring the past. Oak Alley is where Interview with a Vampire was filmed and we missed it on our trip in the spring so I had to see it this time. There is a quarter of a mile alley of Virginia Live Oaks that lead to the house. I can just imagine a horse and buggy driving between the oaks and pulling up to the front entrance.

Oak Alley Plantation Sugar Kettle

Oak Alley was built in the 1830’s. It is still a working Sugarcane Plantation today.

Oak Alley Plantation Communication BellThe Plantation Bell was the communication system for the plantation. Each ring had a different meaning. The Oak Alley Bell was cast in 1848 and is still used to signal the guided tours beginning.

Oak Alley Plantation Fire ExtinguisherAbove is a fire extinguisher that was used on plantations. I’m not sure exactly how effective it might have been.

Oak Alley Plantation Restaurant Pecan PieAfter looking at all the sites stop by the Oak Alley Plantation Restaurant and have some lunch. Our Pecan Pie had more pecans that pie in it. The menu tells what page each item can be found on in the Plantation’s Cookbook. Everything we ate was so good that we came home with that cookbook. Now I have to see if I can do it justice.

Oak Alley Plantation Restaurant Mint JulepFinish your visit off with a Mint Julep.

Oak Alley Plantation (3)


6 thoughts on “Oak Alley Plantation Louisiana

  1. Nice… and I love pecan pie, it is one of my favorite pies. I bet that was good.


  2. blvboutique says:

    Good food and beautiful scenes…love it

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