Custom Photo Books


I have been documenting life through photos for as long as I can remember. This means I have more photo albums than I have room on the shelf for. I recently discovered Custom Photo Books by Snapfish. I started with my vacation books. They save so much room on my bookshelf.


In traditional photo albums you get 200 4×6 photos. That means I have to pick and choose which ones I print. With custom photo books I can continue to add pages until I run out of pictures. I put 480 photos in our Thailand book.


I take a journal with me on vacation and jot down things I don’t want to forget. This helps me with my pictures when I get home. I also scan some of the brochures and use them in the photo books to remember details about tours and places we visited.

I tried 4 different photo book programs before deciding on Snapfish. For me it was the easiest one to work with.

I get the 8×11 custom cover books. Using my own photos for the cover allows me to make my book look professional and I can set the tone for it.

I have started creating photo books for my family pictures. One book per year. I start it in January and end it in December.

I signed up to get emails from Snapfish so they send me coupons regularly. I create my books and leave them in the projects section. When I get a coupon I go in and order a couple of books. This helps keep the cost lower than what it would cost to print the pictures and buy a book to put them in. Once a book is ordered it stays in the projects section. If for any reason you need to reorder the book it is there waiting on you.

If you haven’t made the move yet to custom photo books. I suggest you go create one and see how you like it. There’s no cost until you order the book.


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