View of New Orleans

These are random pictures that we took on our trip to New Orleans. You never know what you will see while you are there.

New Orleans in PicturesThe whole city seems to be covered in plaques. They are everywhere giving you the history of the location. This one was my favorite.

New Orleans in Pictures (2)This truck was sitting on the side of the street. It reminded me of something that would be in the tv series “The Walking Dead”

New Orleans in Pictures (3)There were tons of Luck Dog stands scattered throughout the French Quarter.

New Orleans in Pictures (4)Live music was everywhere.

New Orleans in Pictures (5)The courtyards that you could see were beautiful.

Jackson Square New OrleansJackson Square

New Orleans in Pictures (6)

A cool street post.

New Orleans in Pictures (9)Night in the French Quarter

New Orleans in Pictures (7)I just thought this picture turned out really cool.

New Orleans in Pictures (8)Looking up at a statue.

I hope you enjoyed our view of New Orleans. Let me know which picture you like the best. I’d appreciate the feedback.


2 thoughts on “View of New Orleans

  1. msmidt says:

    I liked the street post the best. I like the way the horse’s head was framed by the light behind it. Thanks!

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