Texas Renaissance Festival

My first trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival was in 1990. I have looked forward to it every fall since then. The Festival is only 8 weeks long each year from the beginning of October to the end of November. It is open every Saturday and Sunday come rain or shine. It is located near Plantersville, Texas. There are 54 acres of entertainment, stages, food from all over the world, elaborate costumes, and shops. I have learned that you either love the Texas Renaissance Festival or you have no desire to go. There is no middle ground. My husband and I love it. We go at least once per year and sometimes twice.

It is set in the 16th Century and all of the workers stay in character. You will see royalty out for a stroll, musicians, fairies, wenches, and many more. There is entertainment for all ages. Stages are set up throughout the fair grounds. Rose and Iris put on a comical music number. Gypsy dancers preform in the Greek Theater. You can Drench a Wench in Sherwood Forest. Watch knights joust on the tournament grounds. At dusk each night there is a spectacular fireworks show over the Jousting arena.  It is the perfect way to end a perfect day.

We have gone with groups of friends or just the two of us. Either way we have a great time. My husband likes to people watch. He says the Renaissance Festival is better than the Airport. A lot of the patrons dress in costume. Some are homemade and thrown together and some are very elaborate and expensive. I have talked to people who have been adding to their costumes  for years to make them more authentic.

After the initial entry fee it is up to you how much money you spend.  Some people keep coolers in their car and go out for their meals.  There are rows and rows of shops filled with all kinds of unusual items. Looking is just as much fun as buying. Some years I find something that I have to have and some years I just enjoy looking at all of the Renaissance items. Almost all of the entertainment is free. The performers pass a tip hat around after each show. Pay or don’t pay its up to you. The games in Sherwood Forest require a fee, but it is usually only a few dollars.

For us the food is one of the things we look forward to. We eat and drink from the time we get there to the time we leave. We have a list in our heads of what we have to eat that day. My husband’s favorite food is Steak on a Stick. I don’t have a favorite. I want to eat a little bit of everything.

The Texas Renaissance Festival is one of the Largest Renaissance Festivals in America. If you have not had the pleasure of going I highly recommend it. It is the highlight of our Fall.


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