Ocho Rios Jamaica Oct/Nov 2006

Jamaica was our first trip out of the country. We stayed at the Couples Resort in Ocho Rios. It is about a two hour bus trip from the airport. We were there from October 29th to November 4th. This is considered the off season. The upside to that is the resort isn’t over crowded and the rates are reasonable. The weather was perfect, mid to upper 80’s.

Jamaica is not a safe country to go off on your own in. The resort warns you to only leave with the resort or on a tour. We only took two excursions while we were there. We did Dunn River Falls. The waterfall showcased in Cocktail with Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Shue. You can’t go to Jamaica and not do this. The other was Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.  The Resort had a nightly show. One night was a beach party complete with a fire show. On Halloween night they passed out masks and put on a dance performance to all of the classic Halloween songs. There was even a night of Karaoke and Casino night with games and fake money.

The reason we went to Jamaica was to say “I Do”. Getting married with our toes in powder white sand and a blue ocean backdrop was my dream wedding.  Once the preacher announced us man and wife cheering broke out behind us. I had no clue that we had an audience but there they were. Everyone we had met since we arrived and a few that just stopped to watch.  Destination wedding are the way to go in my book. The only planning required was to pick out what to wear. The hotel took care of the flowers, cake, pictures and video. You are also treated to a couples massage when you get married at the resort. It was a dream come true.

Our room had a full view of the ocean. We slept with the doors open and the sheer curtain drawn to keep the bugs out. There is nothing like falling asleep to the sound of the ocean waves lapping. I was up at the break of dawn every morning. It was impossible to sleep in and miss the breathtaking sunrise.

Couples Ocho Rios set the bar for All Inclusive Dining as high as it could be set for us. Every bite of food we ate at the resort was delicious. The hotel offers three restaurants that require a reservation, one that is a buffet for all meals, and a beach grill that was open most of the time. We ate the buffet for most meals. There were tons of choices and everything was good. The Bayside Restaurant is over the water and very romantic. You are served a three course meal. I had a tomato salad, Clams and Artichoke in Cream Sauce and Broiled Lobster in Cream Garlic Sauce.  We ate at Le Gourmet on our wedding night. It was very classy with a gentleman playing a baby grand piano while we dined.  At the Beach Grill we were introduced to Jerk Chicken. It’s the perfect blend of sweet with a bit of spice. One bite and I was hooked. We make Jerk everything now.  Get ready to gain a pound each day of your stay. It’s worth every savory bite.

Couples Ocho Rios is a wonderful place for a vacation no matter what the occasion.

Ocho Rios Jamaica


2 thoughts on “Ocho Rios Jamaica

  1. Oh I am so glad you had such a wonderful time in my place of birth I absolutely love Jamaica and the food is to die for I know! I can never stop eating when I go to visit

    • Jamaica was our first trip out of the country and we were so overwhelmed by the hospitality that it is hard for anywhere else to live up to the standards that were set. We leave for Aruba in a few weeks. I’m hoping we won’t be disappointed.

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